Our origins

Our origins

Eighteenth Century

The building of holiday cottages Casal de Armán today is an old house, the eighteenth century. In a lintel of a doorway appears the exact date when construction was finished off, according to thecustom of the ancient stonemasons: AD 1727

The passage of time and abandonment were wreaking real havoc on the building, collapsing walls, ceiling and growing weeds and even a wild cherry tree inside.

In 1996 the present owners, the family González Vázquez, rushed hard work of restoration has taken to date of its opening in May 2004.

Visitors will find themselves in a well-refurbished 18th century court, as you can read in one of its lintels: AD 1727. Next to this inscription there is a mason sign, which makes us think of the efforts needed to erect this building. The hotel occupies the top floor and the attached body of the building with the six rooms and a common living room of more that 100 square metres.